Charlotte Gainsbourg: Her young daughter Jo in Marilyn Monroe, the amazing shot of her sister Alice

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Her young daughter Jo in Marilyn Monroe, the amazing shot of her sister Alice

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal are the parents of three children: Ben, 25, in the footsteps of his parents in terms of cinema, Alice, 19, and the youngest, Jo, 11. If the eldest is rarely present at home and now flies on her own, the two sisters are, on the other hand, much more often together, when Alice returns from New York where she lives for her studies. They have never concealed their complicity. This was also the case recently. If their grandfather Serge Gainsbourg is one of the icons of French music, there is another star that the sisters admire more than anything and to whom they have paid tribute in their own way on social networks: Marilyn Monroe.

In her Instagram story (see slideshow), Alice had fun immortalizing her little sister sitting, in a white and black dress, curly wig and peroxide blonde screwed on her head. As a soundtrack, the original soundtrack of the film Some like it hot by Billy Wilder, in which Marilyn Monroe plays the leading role. A funny moment which reveals in passing the brisk pace at which little Jo (not so small as that by the way) is growing up.

Charlotte Gainsbourg and her lack of authority

She is still young to know it but will Jo join the cinema family? Nothing is less sure. If Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal will never force their children to take over, the 51-year-old actress nevertheless admitted in 2019 that she saw them all land on film sets: “They will decide. Me, I see them all actors, because I like it. I love the fact that my mother made me want to do this. I actually recognize it todayshe explained in Daily. She casually described her job to me, showing me such incredible things that I just wanted to do that. But it was done in such a subtle way, that I never felt like I was being pushed.”

Charlotte Gainsbourg will never push them on this path, she who, in any case, never really had authority over Ben, Alice and Jo: “I did not know how to frame my children. I count on Yvan” she told in the columns of the Sunday newspaper last January. Last year, the trio had nevertheless insisted on being present to support their mother at the Cannes Film Festival, during the official presentation of the documentary Jane by Charlotte, film about their grandmother. Cinema or not, the children will always remain his greatest support.

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