Dani's funeral: Gérard Lanvin collapsed, tearful farewell to his "45-year-old friend"

Dani’s funeral: Gérard Lanvin collapsed, tearful farewell to his “45-year-old friend”

We are not used to seeing him so affected: often renowned for his head of a brawler and his impressive physique, Gérard Lanvin was this time totally on edge this Tuesday, July 26, 2022 in the church of Perpignan. It must be said that he buried Dani there, his friend for several decades. In tears, he was able to hug the sister of the deceased, but also his sons and other artists like Cali, who came with the family.

The singer and actress, who died a week ago now, was very close to Gérard Lanvin and had just recorded a duet with him, a song called As fast as time, which they unveiled at the end of last year. But a duet that they will never have had the opportunity to perform on stage: the evening of his death, Dani was precisely expected in Perpignan to go on stage with his friend.

This one, behind big dark glasses, had paid him a nice tribute. “We learned today that a girl from Perpignan, who was very dear to us, a 45-year-old friend, has disappeared. Today my heart is broken, it’s in tears“, he had declared in front of the public, very sad. The actor in any case did not miss his farewell to his friend, well hidden under a cap and a khaki military jacket, and was able to support the other members of the family.

Other artists had notably made the trip: in addition to Gérard Lanvin and Cali (accompanied by his wife and daughter Misha), Anthony Delon was present and also seemed very affected, hidden behind his black mask. He found there in particular Mathilde Seigner and the musicians of Dani, all totally upset.

Her family was also present and in particular her son Julien, born in 1969 from her union with Benjamin Auger, alongside Emmanuel, the first son of the latter, whom she had raised as her own. The two men, upset by the death of their mother (they who had already lost their father in 2002) were welded and attended the burial which took place shortly after the ceremony at the church.

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