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Florent Pagny does not want to die: he launches a heartbreaking cry and upsets the fans!

Cancer is part of most deadly diseases every year. By the way, pathology has already taken many of our national stars. We can, for example, cite Johnny Hallyday or Jean-Pierre Pernaut. A few months ago, singer Florent Pagny learned of his diagnosis. Since then, a fierce struggle has begun. The least we can say is that the artist don’t want to die.

Florent Pagny facing death

When we talk about cancer, how not to think about death? Even Florent Pagny with his strength and joie de vivre is no exception. Before that, let’s do a little recap of the facts.

As a reminder, it was during the shooting of a number of “The Voice” that the one who sings “My freedom to think” has learned of his illness. He would have received the phone call from his doctor while he was on the set of the show.

After that, on January 25, 2022, he post a video on instagram to break the bad news to his fans. Florent Pagny took the opportunity to announce the cancellation of his 60th anniversary tour. For good reason, the darling of Azucena had to undergo treatment.

The fact is that cancer treatment is very heavy. It is essentially chemotherapy and X-rays. During the first weeks of chemo, the dad of Aël and Inca admit having trouble. He spoke about it in an interview.

“Yes, I’ve known this period when you don’t want anything, you don’t have the peach, your heart is on your lips, but it passes. I passed the pure chemo, the one that fights: heartache for twelve days, it’s no longer a joke! You know, the seasickness that you keep when you have been on dry land for a week, ”he confided to Gala.

“Florent Pagny does not want to die”

You will have understood it, the life of Florent Pagny is not easy since the diagnosis of his cancerous tumour. Still, despite adversity, the singer holds on. He is holding up. A strength of character that commands respect. In any case, this was highlighted by the magazine Intimité recently.

“Florent Pagny does not want to die”, wrote the media in particular.

It’s obvious, it’s not everyone who can show so much combativeness. Like what, faced with death, many give up and fall into depression. This is certainly not the case of Florent Pagny. You must know that this incredible strength comes from somewhere.

Indeed, this kind of battle don’t win alone. For his part, the singer is lucky to have a lot of support. Remember that his wife and children have always been there. His daughter Aël also accompanies him to each of his chemo sessions. Not to mention his friends and relatives.

In addition to his family and loved ones, Florent Pagny can also count on the unwavering support of his fans. According to his words, the coach of “The Voice” receives a lot of messages of support. Whether on social networks or by written letters. This attention gives him courage.

Latest news on his health

It has been several months since Florent Pagny started treatment against cancer. In the meantime, the artist has retired from the media scene. This in order to “fill in” and “regain muscle”. His last TV appearance dates back to the finale of “The Voice”.

Anyway, the fans can sleep soundly, their favorite singer is doing well. At least that’s what he said in a video posted on May 10, 2022. According to him, his body responded very well to treatment.

“I reacted so well that we accelerated with rays and harder chemo. The latest news I have from inside, if I can put it that way, is that the tumor has shrunk a lot, the size of a good kiwi, I went to a hazelnut after two chemos,” said he revealed.

If Florent Pagny continues to give such good results, he will be on his feet in a few weeks or months. What will certainly reassure his admirers. We wish him courage!

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