GTA 6: release date, characters, map...

GTA 6: release date, characters, map…

On the Daily program: the PS VR2 headset unveils new features, we have breaking news on GTA 6 and Xbox has achieved one of its best financial results. The Daily, let’s go!

New information for GTA 6

GTA 6 will allow us to embody two characters, including a female of Latin American origin. This is a great first for the franchise, which has always been content to have players embody male characters. It is Jason Shreier, famous journalist at Bloomberg, who gives us the information. Obviously, this unofficial information must be taken with a grain of salt, even if he is often very well informed. The story of the next opus would be strongly influenced by Bonnie and Clyde, two American criminals. The map should be smaller than expected, based on Miami and surrounding areas. And for the date, some investors expect a release for the fiscal year of 2024, to understand between April 2023 and March 2024. Jason Schreier indicates however that the developers are skeptical.

GTA 6: starting city, a woman as the main character… Finally some real info?

PS VR2 headset reveals brand new information

The manufacturer of the PS VR2 headset revealed some information to us in a blog post written by Yasuo Takahashi, product manager. As a first novelty, we have the transparent view, a feature that allows you to find your bearings in the environment once the helmet is on your head. You can also customize your game space and you will have the right to a new display mode for the helmet.

PSVR 2: Experience and user interface, streaming, all the details… Sony is pulling out all the stops for its PS5!

Xbox has achieved one of its best financial results

In a context of shortage, the Xbox Series achieves the best sales than any other console from Microsoft. They even exceed the PS5 in units sold in North America over all three quarters from October 2021 to June 2022. Good days are to be expected for Xbox, especially with the market with Activision Blizzard which should be finalized on the next fiscal year. Also new exclusives will arrive in 2023, such as Starfield and Redfall, which will do good for Microsoft’s figures.

Microsoft: Revenue up for Xbox this year, but…

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