Pierre-Jean Chalençon en deuil et effondré : il fait une annonce bouleversante

he makes a shocking announcement

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from Pierre-Jean Chalençon. How’s the start of summer going? Alas, the atmosphere is not looking good. In effect, Napoleon’s expert just shared sad news through a video he posted on his account Twitter. Particularly moved, the former buyer of the show Deal done on France 2 let her tears flow. He completely breaks down. We explain why.

Pierre-Jean Chalençon at worst, gives himself up in all sincerity

Pierre-Jean Chalençon can’t take it anymore. This one has just lost a loved one to his heart and it was not the only one lately. Indeed, in two years, the collector has said goodbye to his dad Gerardbut also several friends, such as Michou Where Regine. He has not yet mourned these latest disappearances and continues to share touching statements about them on the Web.

As Pierre-Jean Chalençon was beginning to enjoy his vacation, he learned another bad news… Tired of these different deathsthe friend of Julien Cohen delivers himself in all sincerity on Twitter and crying…

Pierre-Jean Chalençon has just lost a loved one

Indeed, Pierre-Jean Chalençon cannot bear his pain, because he has just learned thatone of his great friends has just passed away this Monday, July 25. ” I just learned a few moments ago, the disappearance of Michel Ciccada. A personality from Corsica, from Ajaccio. An exceptional man who for years ran this little shop right at the entrance to the Napoleonic Museum of Ajaccio, the birthplace of Bonaparte“, he said, upset.

Napoleon’s pro paid him this tribute: ” Michel you are a great friend, you taught me a lot, you gave me confidence. You are one of the figures of Ajaccio, you are the Emperor of Ajaccio. It’s a great pain, a great sadness. I share with all our Corsican friends your disappearance and I hope that where you are now, you will rest and find our beloved emperor. Michael, I love you. I think of your two children, your two daughters, your family and your mother“. After these few words posted on social networks, it collapses

A hell for the collector

Pierre-Jean Chalençon spoke again later in the evening. Indeed, he had come to his senses, but was still just as sad. He shared with netizens this hell. ” Losing friends is the hardest thing, I am unfortunately not spared for more than 2 years. But I am convinced that our friendship will last beyond earthly life and to have been their friend touches me deeply! A privilege“, can we read on Twitter. Let’s hope he can still enjoy the lightness of the holidays.

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