"I will not remove a comma from this tribute" to Charlotte Valandrey

“I will not remove a comma from this tribute” to Charlotte Valandrey

Yann Moix in 2019. Reporters/ABACA

In a now deleted message, some relatives of the actress had qualified the tribute published by the novelist in Paris Match of“shameless fabrication”.

“I did not remove a word, a line, a semicolon, a comma from this tribute”swears Yann Moix in Paris Match this Tuesday, July 26. This answer, he addresses it directly to the family of Charlotte Valandrey who, the day before, had criticized his tribute to the actress published in the same magazine on July 21. The former columnist of “We are not lying” was accused of“impostor”.

“Nobody among the closest is aware of this complicity (…) What we know is a brief rapprochement without a love story when they were young but especially not much since”, could we read. The family of the actress, who had made public her HIV status in a book published in 2005, even assures that the columnist “never answered calls from Charlotte who needed him.

“Clandestine complicity”

In response to this succession of attacks, the writer firmly reiterated his version of the facts. “The complicity I had with her was all the more profound, inestimable and precious as she has always been clandestine”describes Yann Moix, assuring that the duo had “a report that no one can understand and no one can take away “.

If the director of Podium says understand “the infinitely respectable pain of parents”, he specifies that he will not apologize for his article. Charlotte me“learned to be a man”adds Yann Moix, by way of conclusion.

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