In Luxembourg: “Prices are rising but my income is not following”

In Luxembourg: “Prices are rising but my income is not following”


In Luxembourg“Prices are rising but my income is not following”

LUXEMBOURG – Difficult month-ends affect more than one in four residents. Testimonials.

Severine Goffin

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Beneficiaries of social grocery stores can find products at prices up to 70% lower than in traditional shops.

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“To be able to go on vacation sometimes, I moved in with a roommate. But even having sacrificed my privacy, I have to be careful, I’m not crazy if I want to finish the month, ”testifies Vincent. “And again I’m lucky. I am at the end of my career, I was able to work abroad, to live great adventures”.

Vincent benefits from the social grocery store in Diekirch, where he can do some shopping at prices up to 70% cheaper than in supermarkets and benefit from certain basic products for free. According to Statec, in 2021, one in four residents had difficulty holding out until the end of the month. A figure that does not surprise on the ground.

“Families that we did not see before”

“Some of our beneficiaries are long-term, for example it will be a retiree with a small pension, illustrates Irène Jamsek, responsible for social groceries at Caritas Luxembourg. Others earned a good living, then were faced with an illness, a divorce. Even working full time, a single parent can fall into precariousness. “We sometimes see well-dressed people who waited until the last minute to push our door, because they weren’t used to it, agrees Giuseppe Tricario, his colleague. Sometimes they will bounce back, but those cases are not uncommon.”

Director of the National Committee for Social Defense ASBL and Chairman of the Board of Directors of EAPN Lëtzebuerg, the Luxembourg network for the fight against poverty which brings together some fifteen associations, Raoul Schaaf also notes that the Statec data confirms what he sees “in his work” and his activities with precarious people. “On the ground we see families that we did not see before. People with incomes, sometimes even households or two people work full time but at minimum wage. With rent and energy prices, they fall into precariousness. The phenomenon of the working poor is more visible today,” he says.

“The cost of living is rising faster than wages. I would have liked to access the property, buy myself a small studio. But between real estate prices and bank guarantees, that was not possible”, concludes Vincent.

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