Laurent Delahousse publishes a rare and nice message to Alice Taglioni for her birthday

Laurent Delahousse publishes a rare and nice message to Alice Taglioni for her birthday

This Tuesday, July 26, actress Alice Taglioni celebrated her 46th birthday. His companion, journalist Laurent Delahousse, relayed an original snapshot of their evening on Instagram. Usually very discreet about his feelings, he wrote some beautiful and rare words of love.

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They are beautiful, dashing, popular and very often brought to the fore. Also, their love story is ten years old and known to everyone. However, Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse strive to show as little as possible, whether in public or on social networks. The actress and the presenter of the JT of France 2 met their eyes during an invitation on the set of the 2, on the occasion of the release of the film Paris-Manhattan. Since this lightning strike live on the air, they have not let go. They even made the choice to have children together. The first, a girl named Swann, was born in February 2016. The second, a little boy by the name of Lino, was born in December 2019. These children obviously make them happy. But the two lovebirds also strive to preserve them from overly curious souls.

Laurent Delahousse and Alice Taglioni, very discreet lovers

On June 5, during his broadcast 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, the journalist nevertheless indulged in a little confidence. While his guest Matthieu Chedid was referring to his late paternity, Laurent Delahousse suddenly felt concerned by the theme and tried to reassure the singer. “It can happen, these are things that happen”, he pointed out, as a nod to his own experience. Indeed, the companion of Alice Taglioni had his last two children after reaching the milestone of 45 springs. Which does not lead him to reveal their faces on social networks. Rare are the clich├ęs other than taking his career, his points of interest or his travel destinations.

The presenter of France 2 releases a rare and beautiful proof of love

However, despite this absolute discretion, Laurent Delahousse has broken his eternal modesty, this Wednesday, July 27. He has indeed published a snapshot of his evening the day before, quite special since it was Alice Taglioni’s birthday.. This one has visibly blown out its 46 candles with the family. To celebrate it as it should be, the journalist shared a photo of the entrance to their house haloed with frills and balloons, signaling the holding of a small party. In the caption, he writes a simple but effective “HB my love”. Translation : “Happy Birthday my love”. All with two hearts in emoticons to mark his passion for the one who shares his life. The post sparked a flurry of comments and was liked by many people, including Laura Smet.

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