NBA LeBron James aux Lakers

“LeBron will only extend to the Lakers if they do this first”

LeBron James is eligible for a contract extension at the Lakers in a few days, but no one knows if he will re-enlist immediately. According to a famous analyst, he will sign a new lease only on one condition, which depends entirely on the Californian leaders.

2022-23 is going to be a breakthrough year for the Lakers, and not just because they have to pull themselves together after a season of sluggishness. Indeed, next summer could well change everything for the Pourpres et Ors, because LeBron James will then be at the end of the contract. Present in the City of Angels since 2018, the winger still leaves his future unclear, probably also because he himself has not yet made a final decision on this subject.

That being said, there is one crucial deadline looming in the near future, namely August 4th. On that day, he will indeed be eligible for a contract extension, based on $ 97 million over two years. Except that once again, no one really knows what he will then decide to do… For Shannon Sharpe, analyst on Fox Sports, it all really depends on the Californian organization. This concerns the date in question, but more generally also future movements in terms of recruitment:

Shannon Sharpe gives LeBron terms to stay in LA

When you have LeBron James, you know what the stakes are. He’s like, “Listen, you’ve already wasted one of my years, you’ve wasted one.” I gave you extra time because when I signed here, I didn’t say you had to make another move. I played with what we had. You haven’t done anything. “He played with young people. “Hey, I’m done with that. That’s the only leverage LeBron has.

I think he won’t sign the contract until he believes Rob Pelinka, when he believes the Lakers have done their job and done everything they can to make this team a contender for the NBA title. I think deep down, LeBron doesn’t believe this team can claim the championship title in its current configuration.

Clearly, Los Angeles will have to seriously strengthen the workforce, if the franchise wants its best player to stay a little longer and therefore until retirement. The folder Kyrie Irving will certainly be one of the keys in this sense, the King wishing to be reunited with his ex-teammate, who is leaving the Nets. At the same time, get rid of Russell Westbrook would certainly also be a good idea, since the two men no longer seem to get along.

The front office of the Lakers is warned, it will be necessary to assemble a really competitive team in order to convince LeBron James to stay. Otherwise, it may well be that the career of the Chosen One ends elsewhere than with the Purples and Golds.

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