NBA Paul Pierce ne veut pas de KD aux Celtics

Legend of the Celtics, Paul Pierce gives his unfiltered opinion on the Kevin Durant rumor!

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Boston finds itself increasingly linked to Kevin Durant, having made a trade offer for the Nets superstar. But what do the great figures of Bean Town think of it? Asked about the subject, Paul Pierce did not go overboard to give his opinion.

NBA finalists, the Celtics have shown this season that they can be part of the top league. It wouldn’t have taken much more for Ime Udoka’s squad to win the title, with the Warriors simply proving more efficient in six games. Since this disillusionment, the Greens and Whites have been doing everything in their power to strengthen themselves. They were also among the first to hit the transfer market, by recovering Malcolm Brogdon from the Pacers.

The leader will be a choice addition in the backcourt, but his arrival could well take a back seat in the blink of an eye in the days to come. Indeed, GM Brad Stevens now has another target in his sights, of a much higher caliber: Kevin Durant. The winger requested his trade from the Nets, but he should not land at the Suns or the Heat, his preferred destinations. The C’s have therefore entered the dance recently, submitting an initial offer which Brooklyn refused.

Jaylen Brown, Derrick White as well as draft rounds, that’s what the Massachusetts franchise offered to Blacks and Whites. However, some believe that she does not need to operate like Paul Pierce. An absolute legend of Bean Town, the winger was recently asked about a potential arrival of the Slim Reaper. The Truth pulled out all the stops, delivering a shattering verdict on this burning issue:

Paul Pierce: ‘Boston doesn’t need Kevin Durant’

Are we talking about the Celtics? Nah, they’re not going to trade for him. They won’t. It will not arrive. They don’t need to make any moves.

Difficult to be more clear from the n°34: according to him, the Boston roster is good enough in its current state to be able to seriously fight for the title, without the winger integrating it. A sacred mark of confidence on the part of the retiree.

However, this will certainly not prevent the leaders from trying their luck, especially since only the Warriors seem to be credible competitors on the record. The opportunity to get a player like Durantula back in the market is practically one of a kind, so it would be foolish to let it slip away. It remains to be seen how the players will react, Jaylen Brown having already given her clear opinion after hearing rumors of his departure.

Paul Pierce doesn’t think the Celtics seriously need Kevin Durant, and is confident the current squad have enough weapons to sit on the throne in 2022-23. That being said, it might not hurt to have the Slim Reaper to score en masse…

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