Ligue 1 – Sober, dark and with geographical coordinates: here is OM's new away jersey

Ligue 1 – Sober, dark and with geographical coordinates: here is OM’s new away jersey

OM have a new away jersey. The Marseille club presented its second set of shirts for the 2022/2023 season on Wednesday. This one is midnight blue, with shades of azure blue (the color of the logo) on the sleeves. We also see the new jersey sponsor appear in white.

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The little marketing novelty is on the body of the jersey. Puma, OM’s equipment supplier, has slipped in geographical coordinates, latitude and longitude lines to celebrate the multicultural side of the city. You obviously have to have the jersey close-up to see them.

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Finally, Puma has placed inside the pass a world map with the city of Marseille in the center, with the name of Greek origin of registered, Massalia, as well as the coordinates of the Velodrome. The idea with this shirt is for the fans to be at home even on the go. We will especially remember that this sober jersey looks great.

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