Logitech G lance une gamme d’accessoires gaming inclusifs

Logitech G launches a line of inclusive gaming accessories

News hardware Logitech G launches a line of inclusive gaming accessories

With its new Aurora products, Logitech G, the gaming branch of Logitech, is opening the door to a “new era” of accessories that are more inclusive and gender neutral. But in the end, the note is above all salty.

The Logitech G Aurora Collection is for all PC gamers, regardless of gender. Undoubtedly, this is also the case for the manufacturer’s other products, but, here, Logitech G has sought to symbolize this proposition in a clearer waythrough the designs of its products, as well as through the colors offered.

Customizable Logitech products

Composed of four references, namely G735 Wireless Headset, G715 Wireless Keyboard, G713 Wired Keyboard, and G705 Wireless Mouse, the Aurora collection benefits from numerous customization possibilities. Different accessories are sold separately to change the colors of the products and create a completely personalized experience. Two colors are available: Pink Dawn and Green Flash.

The proposal is simple: you buy a product of a neutral color, that is to say white, and you complete your device as you wish.. It is thus possible to buy earpieces and microphones in other colors for the G735 headset, top plates for the G713 and G715 keyboards, or even a mouse pad, a cloud-shaped wrist rest, or a heart-shaped case to store the G705 mouse. Investments that greatly increase the note, ultimately.

The Logitech G715 keyboard with a green plate.

Tiffany Beers, Head of Gaming Innovation at Logitech G, explains that this collection stems from the creation of products aimed more at female players. This approach has enabled the brand to “breaking the codes” keyboards, mice and other gaming headsets, and opened the door to a gender-neutral collection.

Aurora collection, product update

In addition to the customization possibilities offered with the products of the Aurora range, Logitech G also highlights the technical capabilities of the latter.

The G735 wireless headphones is a model with RGB lighting, dual audio mixing, and the new Blue VO!CE microphone technology. The headset is designed to fit small heads, and it has a battery life that can go up up to 56 hours, provided the lighting is turned off. It has LightSpeed ​​technology and can also connect via Bluetooth to compatible devices. Its advertised price is 229 euros.

Logitech G launches a line of inclusive gaming accessories

The G715 and G713 mechanical gaming keyboards display the same global proposal, but the G715 is wireless, and the G713 is wired. These are compact keyboards (Tenkeyless) whose height is adjustable. G713 boasts 25 hours of playtime per charge, and can connect via LightSpeed ​​and Bluetooth. Each model is equipped witha Cloud-Soft wrist rest. The price of the Logitech G715 is 199 euroswhile the G713 TKL is 169 euros.

Logitech G launches a line of inclusive gaming accessories

Finally, the mouse in wire G705 is a model “designed for little hands”which weighs only 85 grams. Its ergonomics are intended for left-handers and it is equipped with a “gaming quality” sensor, but the brand says no more. Its autonomy is not specified either.. LightSpeed ​​and Bluetooth connectors are included. Count 99 euros to acquire it.

Logitech G launches a line of inclusive gaming accessories

The availability of these different products is immediate : they are offered on the Logitech site as well as on reseller sites, all in different colors. The prices for the colored accessories have not been given by the manufacturer.

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