"On the set, everyone is aware of each other's lives"

“On the set, everyone is aware of each other’s lives”

France 2 offers seven new episodes in one piece, this evening. Do you approve of this choice?

Melanie Maudran: Our time slot corresponds to that of a TV movie broadcast as a bonus, so it’s interesting to experiment with this new format. This should appeal to people who watch replay and who chain the episodes. It would also be rewarding to see how they will react.

You are particularly present in this fourth season. What do you think of her?

This is proof that the seasons follow one another and are not alike… This year has been very eventful for Claire, who has not been spared. I had a lot of fun playing all the plots. As an actress, it’s nice to find yourself on different terrains and to share moments with your partners. We have fun and, contrary to what the pictures suggest, I get along very well with Sophie Le Tellier, who plays Hélène.

Your relationship is complex, indeed…

The toxic friendship between them greatly weakens my character. However, to use the words of Clara Luciani in her song The grenade, Claire is a woman who fights. She opened her door to Hélène, and it was because of her that she was drugged with GHB and suffered an assault. No matter how much everyone explains to her that Hélène acted under the effect of medication, Claire feels that she has been manipulated and cannot accept it.

So much so that your character dreams of strangling Hélène!

It’s true that I found myself one morning, at half past seven, playing a scene in which I imagined strangling him. We both laughed a lot, because we thought about our sons who are about the same age and what we should answer them if they ask us questions.

Does it matter thatsuch a big sun discusses subjects such as drugs or rape?

It’s primordial. These themes allow viewers to identify with the characters, as certain situations can happen to them. All the ingredients of life are injected into this series. This makes it possible to highlight all these subjects and to send a message to young children and adults, to tell them, for example, that you have to keep your glass with you, because it can be risky to lose sight of it even a few seconds.

Did you forge special ties with the film crew and with the actors?

Yes, because it is a human adventure. To succeed in getting involved in this shooting marathon, which requires endurance and efficiency, you have to know yourself well. We are no longer in superficiality and appearance. Everyone is aware of each other’s lives and sensitivities. In a job where you navigate on sight among ephemeral projects, it’s nice to find people you consider friends.

Will you go on vacation, before heading back to the film sets?

Yes, and off to Brittany, where I’m from, to rest with my family. I haven’t been able to go there for a year and I’m missing it. Pressing pause will do you good.

Un si grand soleil: Wednesday July 27 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2.

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