Paga "Les Marseillais" involved in an alleged case of sexual assault by three women, his radical decision!

Paga “Les Marseillais” involved in an alleged case of sexual assault by three women, his radical decision!

For the past few days, the criminal records of reality TV candidates have been leaking on the Web. After Illan Castronovo, Greg Yega or even Maeva Ghennam, it is the turn of Anthony Paggini, alias Paga, to be the target of dark revelations. Indeed, in a video posted on the mysterious YouTube channel Spoofvoip, we learned that the young man would be the subject of several accusations of sexual assault. Facts that date back to 2017. In a recent Instagram story, @iconic2tvr specifies: “ I have the names of these girls but I don’t hesitate. Poor girls… if that’s true, that’s awful. Under the pretext that he is Paga of the Marseillais, he is untouchable. Illan, there was no proof, but everyone blamed him, insulted him. Paga, it’s proven, there are the names of the girls. I can’t believe it, three girls he allegedly sexually assaulted in Montpellier. »

A “complaint against him for rape”

For the moment, no information has been confirmed. These statements should therefore be taken with a grain of salt. Faced with these accusations, Paga would still have made the decision to withdraw from social networks, like his companion Giuseppa. For his part, the best friend of the principal concerned had also been singled out for similar facts. Blogger @skyresstv recently wrote: Friends, it’s getting worse and worse! A video on Greg’s locker is out! In which we discover that Greg would have been convicted of violence in meetings and contains property from a theft in 2007 and 2009. He would also have been accused of hit and run in 2019. Then even more serious a young woman would have carried complaint against him for rape in 2021 in Amiens. (Me and @spicy_tvshow have the v*ctime’s name but we won’t throw it away.) If all of this is true, how come Greg still does TV shows? “. To be continued…


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