Prince Harry: Revelations of a former stripper on their crazy night together

Prince Harry: Revelations of a former stripper on their crazy night together

Gone are the days when Prince Harry frolicked at crazy parties, wore outrageous costumes and ended up naked after a game of poker. No. At 37, Prince Harry has been tidy for several years, or at least since he crossed paths with Meghan Markle during a night out with friends in London. A love at first sight and the start of a secret idyll later, the couple formalized, chained to an engagement, a marriage in May 2018, the birth of two beautiful children: Archie, 3 years old and Lilibet, 1 year old and a well-established installation. away from the Crown, in a mansion in California.

If Prince Harry seems to like this family pattern, not everyone agrees with him. Especially Carrie Reichert. This American knew the Duke of Sussex well for having spent several evenings with him. At The Mirror on July 23, she painted a portrait far removed from the one everyone knows today. At a party “improvised“In Las Vegas ten years ago, she recalled walking into Wynn’s Encore hotel to a stark naked Prince Harry, mimicking a guitar tune with a pool cue in his hands.

Harry was singing the hit’beat it of Michael Jackson with only a glove to hide his private parts” she said. That same evening, Prince William’s brother even gave her his pants as a gift, a memory she treasured. If this piece reminds her of the crazy side of Diana and Charles’ son, she regrets that this person no longer exists: “This item of clothing is a keepsake from old Harry, before he got boring. It’s really a pity.”

Carrie Reichert now has only one goal: to sell the garment at auction at a high price. “When he partied in Vegas, everyone loved him and his party spirit. Those pants are a vestige of his old personality… when Harry was the fun prince, the king of the party. It’s a shame he’s so stuck up now. Even as a husband and father of 2, he should let himself go once in a while.“Not sure Meghan Markle is okay with the idea…

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