A 3rd dancer ousted, after Denitsa and Christian, sad revelations!

A 3rd dancer ousted, after Denitsa and Christian, sad revelations!

Maxime Dereymez will not be back in “Dancing with the Stars” this year. The professional dancer announced the sad news this Wednesday, July 27, 2022 on his Instagram account.

The days go by and look alike unfortunately for the moment on the side of the professional dancers of Dance with the stars (TF1). This Wednesday, July 27, 2022, one of them formalized his departure from the show, while he had been participating since season 1, in 2011.

The rumor ran, it is now confirmed. Maxime Dereymez will not be back in the next season Dance with the stars. It was through an Instagram post that he wanted to warn TF1 viewers who followed his adventures on the floor. “Dals and I will not blow out our 12th candle. And it’s not without emotion, because this show will have literally changed my life. I have invested 300% each season, on each scene to offer the best of myself, to sublimate my partners and to honor this magnificent position as coach and choreographer. This repeated challenge will have nourished me, inspired me and opened the doors to other horizons. I thank the public because your support, your kindness, your loyalty, your comments, your messages and your criticisms have always helped and carried me a lot. Thanks also to TF1 for highlighting Ballroom Dance. Finally I remain very optimistic about my future projects and I look forward to sharing them with you.“, he wrote.

To illustrate his words, Maxime Dereymez posted various photos of his years…

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