a gray area action movie

a gray area action movie

Available since July 22 on Netflix, The Gray Man features a face-to-face between Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. Surprising, but a little disappointing.

The last time we saw him in the cinema, Ryan Gosling embarked on a lunar journey in first-man (2018). For his return to the big screen, four years after Damien Chazelle’s film, the planetary star has seen things big and is trying his hand, with The Gray Manat theaction movie.

He plays Court Gentry – code name: Sierra Six – a spy recruited by an obscure branch of the CIA. Formerly a contract killer for the agency, Gentry is now its number one target. American intelligence has put a price on his head and hired Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a former agent converted into the private sector, fond of muscular interrogations.

An enticing cast

For the occasion, the interpreter of Captain America finds Joe and Anthony Russo, after avengers : Endgame (2019). But in The Gray Man, the actor completely dissociates himself from the image of Steve Rogers to lend his features to a sociopathic and mustachioed assassin. A register in which the spectators like to see Chris Evans, after a first convincing attempt in front of the camera of Rian Johnson for At Knives Out (2019).

In this regard, he reunites with his then playing partner, Ana de Armas. This one embodies Dani Miranda, the right arm of Gentry. We also find the star of Bridgerton (2020), Regé-Jean Page, far from the role of young first, as well as the rising star of Hollywood, Jessica Henwick. With their respective roles, the directors managed to break their images – a major asset for the film.
Together they form a five-star cast, alongside which the Russo brothers play with the codes ofaction movie. Betrayal, manhunts, conspiracies… all wrapped up in gruff, cliché phrases – this cocktail reminiscent of the action and spy thrillers of the 1980s-1990s, which saw the stars of the time fight in duel.

The Russo Brothers and Chris Evans on the set of The Gray Man.©Netflix

A action movie in overdose

Even the look of the main characters is here inherited from this great kitsch era, but oh so enjoyable. This is also the word that could best define the cinema of the Russo brothers! Both on the production side (Tyler Rake2020) than that of the production (Infinity War2018, Endgame2020), the filmmaking duo have fun with the abuse of digital special effects, a frenetic pace and rapid editing. The Gray Man is no exception and, in the absence of a revolutionary scenario, it pushes the spectacular whims of its directors to their climax. With drones, explosions and stunts, Joe and Anthony Russo thus sign by keys a film worthy of the universe of Michael Bay.

The result is a feature film that is certainly incredible, but suffocating in action and dragging on. Fortunately, Ryan Gosling finds there a playground still little explored by his filmography. A reinvention in action hero convincing for the future Ken of Barbie, which shows all the eclecticism of the artist. The backstory alongside Billy Bob Thorton and Julia Butters, yet matched with cliches, brings depth to his character.

We would have liked the character of Chris Evans to benefit from such a worked apprehension, the Russo brothers having proven with Cherry (2020) being able to write the characters… But we especially regret the lack of sparks between the two headliners. Despite their charisma and their status, we are far from the duel at the top and the most cult face-to-face in cinema.

It will therefore be necessary to appreciate The Gray Man for what it is, that is to say, pure Netflix entertainment, superior to recent original creations. An imperfect big production bringing together the new Hollywood in a jubilant game of cat and mouse.

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