NBA Batum réagit au Game 5 des Bucks

After De Colo and Batum, a champion gets smoked by a little girl!

Certainly, the stars of the orange ball have not had it easy lately, facing young people. After Nando De Colo and Nico Batum, it was the turn of a teammate of Giannis Antetokounmpo to experience an ordeal recently, this time against a little girl. He reacted to it!

The offseason is often an opportunity for NBA athletes to organize training camps, inspiring the younger generations to follow their path to the courts. At times, however, this also results in somewhat gag sequences, players not wanting to give their all against amateurs either. And it can be paid for in cash, as Nicolas Batum learned the hard way, the Clippers winger getting punished by a 17 year old nugget.

On the other side of the Atlantic, the same misadventure happened to Pat Connaughton, who was then training very young children. The teammate of Giannis Antetokounmpo to the Bucks demonstrated his superiority against the budding basketball players, until a little girl came to surprise everyone. The latter thus achieved the feat of sending the guard to the ground following a solid cross-over, in order to go straight for the basket to the applause of her comrades:

Pat Connaughton fucked badly by a little girl

Obviously, the dunker from Wisconsin added a little (a lot) when he collapsed on the ground, since he is also there to bring joy and laughter to his proteges. He also reacted to the sequence following the event, congratulating little Lena for her feat against him. All while trash-talking all the others, after having put them in misery according to the rules of the art like Nando from Colo recently. After all, he hadn’t forgotten them!

I got crossed by Lena (but I took my revenge on the others)… A great day at camp!

Beautiful moments for the children as for Patoche, who will soon focus again on the results of Milwaukee. The Daims lost their championship crown this year, the person having actively participated in the coronation in 2020-21. The goal of Mike Budenholzer’s men is very clear, to reclaim the NBA throne by next June. The workforce has not changed overall and with Khris Middleton back following his big injury in the playoffs, they will be able to do battle again.

Little Lena probably had one of the greatest moments of her life, going cross Pat Connaughton during his training camp. It wouldn’t be surprising if Giannis Antetokounmpo trolled his teammate after seeing this video!

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