NBA Draymond Green en pleine polémique

After his request, the big question around Draymond Green!

Draymond Green rocked the NBA microcosm recently, as he aired his new contract demands. Except that Golden State may not give in to its whim… Suddenly, we will have to ask ourselves a very big question about the future of the DPOY 2017.

With four champion rings acquired on site, Draymond Green is clearly one of the biggest names in Warriors franchise history. His jersey should undoubtedly be retired, just like those of his teammates Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson. On the other hand, will he stay until the end in the Bay? We can now doubt it… Because the big man is demanding the max for his next contract, and his leaders may not accede to his request.

As a result, we are preparing for a potential earthquake within the Dubs workforce, because the departure of the Dancing Bear is clearly no longer to be excluded. That would be a real disaster, because the importance and influence of the interior goes far beyond parquet floors. It is the lungs of the locker room, as recalled The Athletic. If his demands were not to be respected, the worst would therefore be feared on the side of San Francisco:

Will Draymond ask the Warriors for a trade?

Everything indicates that the Warriors have no intention of offering Green a maximum extension, and there is no current traction on any type of extension. The typical pattern for the Golden State office is to extend with one year remaining. Even Stephen Curry waited until there was only one year left before signing his maximum extension last season. Green has two years remaining on the maximum extension he signed in 2019.

The Warriors’ current preference is to talk an extension with Green next summer. The question is how Green will react. Nobody wants a disgruntled Green in the locker room. He is the biggest voice on the team. His presence is felt like that of any other player – when he’s excited, when he’s angry, when he’s frustrated, when he’s contrite.

How would he react if he was denied a contract extension after his excellent defense helped the team win another title? Would he require a trade? Would he, once again, accept less money than he wants? Will he publicly announce his intention to retire and leave the Warriors during free agency? Does he invest less in young players and, in fact, stop training his replacements?

As we can see, there are many questions and the medium-term future of Californians could depend on this file. If he stops in addition to serving as a mentor to the young shoots of Golden State, Dray would thus completely cut ties with his management and the current roster. Fortunately for him, the latter supports him for the moment. Stephen Curry would be particularly ready to let go a big blow to the franchisein his case.

Could Draymond Green ask for a transfer to the Warriors, if the latter are not willing to spin him the jackpot? The question is clearly not to be left aside, that is certain. Just titled, the Dubs are now navigating in very troubled waters…

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