Benoit Magimel not comfortable seeing his sex filmed "close-up": he returns to a landmark shoot

Benoit Magimel not comfortable seeing his sex filmed “close-up”: he returns to a landmark shoot

At 48, Benoît Magimel has been known to the general public since the age of 14, revealed by the cult film by Étienne Chatiliez, Life is a long calm river, in 1988. Since then, the actor with the piercing blue eyes and contagious smile has marked the cinema. He filmed for the greatest directors, including Michael Haneke in The Pianist, in 2001. An experience he is not about to forget, in particular because of a scene where his “close up sex“, as he confides in the magazine Marie Clairethis Thursday, July 28, 2022.

Me, I have modesty and I’m always uncomfortable seeing naked men and women on screenreveals Benoît Magimel. It’s more interesting to suggest.” Then, he looks back on his funny experience in front of Haneke’s camera, twenty years ago. “Michael Haneke wanted to film my sex close-up in a humiliation scenehe says. I thought if he took a body double, everyone would think it was mine. So I made my choice between several models and made sure that he would not show it in close-up… I may be a little old fashioned!

A discreet happiness with his companion Margot

If he entered the world of cinema for years, he admits that he never really belonged to it. “I never wanted to evolve in this environment because I always thought that my life as a man was more importanthe admits. I rarely had friends in the cinema, friendships have arrived recentlyIn his life, Benoît Magimel is a happy man but just as modest as for his roles. He has shared his life for several years with his partner Margot Pelletier. They are not used to public outings but the couple nevertheless caused a sensation. at the César 2022. The dad of Hannah and Djinina (21 and 10 years old) can largely count on the support of his companion and his daughters, who bring him the greatest joy.

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