Familles nombreuses : Céline Saffré désemparée, la santé de sa fille se dégrade

Céline Saffré distraught, her daughter’s health is deteriorating

It’s a terrible thing to see your children sick, to do everything to help them, but nothing comes of it. Indeed, this is what is happening for Céline Saffré, a candidate for the show of Large families, life in XXL. On July 24, on his account instagram, the mother shared her anguish with her community. The health of her daughter Valentine, who is just two years old, is deteriorating. After a month of research and five doctors consulted, still no diagnosis !

Céline Saffré (Large families): her two-year-old daughter at the worst…

So, the mother hen of Large families, life in XXL worries a little more every day. It was last October that the public of TF1 got to know the new tribes in the program. The Saffré clan, who lives in a large house in Saint-Gènes-de-Lombaud, therefore appeared. the dad is a business owner and the mother takes care of her eight children : Paul, Jean, Adele, Louis, Charles, Marcel, Rose and Valentine.

But, in reality, this tribe is even bigger than that… Indeed, Fabrice had two boys before starting a new life with Céline. Johan and Bastien are older and aged 22 and 20. So, 10 children for the father in total, it’s not bad! But, never enough for these large non-standard families. Indeed, last June, Céline Saffré announced good news to her followers. This one awaits a 9ᵉ wonder. Thus, her daily life will be even busier and she would like to solve the problem of the youngest of the tribe before her baby arrives. Indeed, Valentine has stomach aches, diarrhea and it does not improve.

Significant weight loss and violent diarrhea, but no diagnosis!

In the story instagram of July 24, Céline Saffré is exhausted: “I absolutely want us to find where the problem comes from”. Indeed, she is at an impasse with her daughter who suffers from severe diarrhea for four weeks. No medicine works. “She completely empties. You can’t leave a 2-year-old in this state.”, worries the mother of Large families, life in XXL. » She lost 1.5 kg in one month, but apparently there’s no point in being alarmed… She’s had non-stop diarrhea for a month. She is very tired. »

Large families : the analyzes do not provide answers…

The candidate of Large families, life in XXL struggles to understand the problem. “Within a month, I went to see 5 different doctors. Valentine had a stool test in July and the results were negative, there are no bacteria in her gut. But his diarrhea is still present. At first they thought she had gastro, she had a hell of a cocktail of drugs and despite that, no improvement. »

On top of all that, the mother wondered if she had caught the virus… A difficult start to the summer period for the Saffré… Hope the end of summer is calmer for them !

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