L'intérieur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, a formulé une demande qui fait débat à ses dirigeants, ce qui a fait sèchement réagir sa mère, Mary Babers-Green

Faced with the controversy over her son, the mother of Draymond Green unpins!

Two years from the end of his contract, Draymond Green is already starting to advance his pawns concerning a big salary increase. Claiming to the max, the big man does not make everyone agree on his case, which did not please his mother at all!

Already criticized for their big expenses over the past season, the Warriors will have a hard time reducing the note given the state of their roster. Indeed, several important players like Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole are already demanding a new contract revised upwards, they who could become free agents next year. Same observation for Draymond Green, who would threaten to quit the franchise if he doesn’t get the max soon.

Wild, the mother of Draymond Green comes to his defense

Unfortunately for Green, his salary expectations do not seem to be in line with the plans of his managers, who would not wish to offer him such a raise. A position validated by many fans, but which also provokes angry reactions, whether at Stephen Curry… or at Dray’s mother’s house. The latter indeed delivered a scathing tweet in reaction to the debate born around her son:

Many of you say he doesn’t deserve a MAX contract, but guys who haven’t won anything are getting the PACTOLE because they just have potential!

For Mary Babers-Green, the track record and experience at the highest level of Draymond Green would justify a max contract much more than a simple big potential still to be developed. An opinion which again risks dividing the NBA community, but which the mother of the family seems ready to defend at all costs. Faced with the disagreement of a user, she did not try to give him a gift!

Twitters: I would have preferred to keep Otto (Porter Jr.) and GP (Gary Payton II) rather than offer Dray a max contract. I’m for keeping Dray, but paying him the way we paid Andre at his age.

Mary Babers-Green : So you don’t know anything about basketball!

Draymond’s first fan, Mary Babers-Green logically places herself as his main support in his request for a max contract. Even if it means sharply reframing those who dare to deliver an opinion different from his on the networks!

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