Les superstars NBA LeBron James et Kevin Durant se sont retrouvées au cœur d'une déclaration plutôt osée en provenance d'une jeune pépite de la ligue

Fans Reveal Their League Top 25, LeBron and KD Snubbed!

LeBron James and Kevin Durant are still among the best players on the planet, but do they deserve to be on the throne ahead of the competition? Fans don’t think so, according to a recent poll. In fact, the two wingers are not even on the podium…

30 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists average for one, nearly 30 units, 8 rebounds and 7 offerings for the other: despite their age (37 and 34 respectively), LeBron James and Kevin Durant once again dropped very heavy on the floors last year. All while each being undermined by physical glitches, without this limiting them once they were in place, however. Intrinsically, they are clearly still some of the best basketball players on the planet.

That being said, they aren’t the only ones to shine in 2021-22 and that hasn’t escaped the notice of fans, who recently indulged in a Top 25 NBA Players on Reddit. The result has just been released, and neither the King nor the Slim Reaper had the honor of finishing in first place…or even on the podium, for that matter. The honor goes to Giannis Antetokounmpowhile Stephen Curry and Luka Doncic complete the top three rows.

Giannis best NBA player according to fans, LeBron 4th

r/NBA subreddit

r/NBA subreddit

We talked about the two wingers, but they are not the only big names to find themselves quite low in the table. Special mention in particular to Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid, who were in the Top 2 MVP votes this year. The Serb is even the double defending champion… which didn’t prevent the fans from putting them on hold, perhaps also because of their game a bit less spectacular than that of the players ranked higher than them.

Conversely, there are athletes who appear very high in this Top 25, surprisingly. We think particularly of Anthony Edwards, a sophomore only but who finds himself just behind his new teammate Rudy Gobert, in 22nd position. Again, his extremely flashy style of play could have helped him, the guard being a specialist in big dunks and especially posters. Inevitably, we immediately mark the spirits better in this way!

For NBA fans, it is therefore Giannis Antetokounmpo who would be the best player in the world today, even ahead of the reigning double MVP Nikola Jokic. Bad luck for LeBron and KD fans who were hoping for their foals to appear higher.

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