"He was not a good person", the very last interview of Henri Salvador's son will make people talk!

“He was not a good person”, the very last interview of Henri Salvador’s son will make people talk!

Jean-Marie Périer, fruit of the love between Jacqueline Porel and Henri Salvador, does not keep good memories of his father. In a recent interview for Paris Match, the photographer made dark revelations. ” Henri Salvador… Frankly, I would have preferred not to know that he was my biological father. He wasn’t a good person, he was really bad with me and with everyone “, he confided this Thursday, July 28, 2022. Last February, it was during his visit to the Jordan De Luxe show that the son of the interpreter of the title “A sweet song” spoke about his relationship chaotic with his father. “ I no longer pronounce his name. He was a guy who had a lot of talent. I saw it on stage, it was great. When I saw him, I said to myself: ‘I’m not going to do it like that’ and I’m going to look like my father. »

“He didn’t behave well with my children”

If Henri Salvador was never present for Jean-Marie Périer, the artist had nevertheless attempted a rapprochement once the latter became a father. ” He didn’t behave well with my children. Let’s not talk about it. I hate people who take revenge, so I don’t talk about it anymore! It’s finish. It’s from the past “. Last year, he evoked the words of his father’s fans in L’instant de Luxe: ” They don’t know, they do it nicely. They tell me: ‘We really liked your father’s songs.’ I answer: ‘First of all it’s not my father, my father doesn’t sing.’ It’s true that I should be calmer and less nervous about it. But hey, I can’t help it, you know, I’m old and you mustn’t piss me off. I chose my father and I don’t regret it. My father is François Périer, an extraordinary guy and I’ll stop there. »

During an interview for the Journal du dimanche, Catherine Costa, wife of the singer, spoke about her husband’s relationship with her son. ” Henri and Jean-Marie did not meet until late, in the early 1980s, in Los Angeles. Henri was in his sixties, he was very clumsy. A 40-year-old kid, he didn’t know how it worked, let alone having missed the start. “She also added:” He crushed his modesty under his ribald humor of a musician by proposing to Jean-Marie to go see a porn film… ” Vibe…


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