Hélène Segara dans Qui peut nous battre attaquée sur son physique, elle fait une mise au point

Hélène Segara in “Who can beat us” attacked on her physique, she makes a point

Hélène Segara participates in a television program broadcast on M6. “Who can beat us” is a new program hosted by Eric Antoine. On Monday July 25, viewers discovered the team of stars who had come to compete against a hundred candidates.

Hélène Segara criticized during her participation in a new game show

Hélène Segara was accompanied by Cristina Cordula, Philippe Etchebest, Marie Portolano and Mac Lesggy. M6 had clarified, after each round, the best of the hundred candidates confront the show’s expert on his favorite theme. The winner of the show wins 30,000 euros! About the concept, Eric Antoine, host and expert of the show, spoke on “Télé Star”: “The members of the public are very good players, with a big culture. Sometimes I failed to answer some questions. I was embarrassed! It’s the end of my career…”

Monday, July 25, Hélène Segara was therefore part of the team that faced the hundred candidates of “Who can beat us”. This is not his first participation in a game show since we saw him in “France has an incredible talent”, but in a judge’s chair this time.

Within the team of Eric Antoine, the singer occupies the role ofmusic expert. At the start of the program, Hélène gave good answers to all the questions relating to her favorite theme.

Unfortunately, Internet users were not content to comment on its performance. They also have approached his physique. Because of an autoimmune disease against which she has been fighting for several years, this mother of three children is forced to follow a treatment that has caused her to gain a lot of weight. On her 51st birthday, March 22, 2022, she confided in her state of health on Instagram. It’s here cortisone which is at the origin of this physical change.

Medical treatment causing physical changes

“After several months of heavy treatment, in the greatest secrecy where I have always tried to keep a smile and honor each of my commitments, I have to resolve to limit my tour” she announced. During the broadcast of the program on M6, Hélène Segara saw herself criticized on the networks about his physical appearance. But her many fans have rallied to defend her and silence these evil spirits.

“Hélène is sick, so stop criticizing her body” or “Stop covering up Hélène Segara, try to have more values ​​than that… She changed because she is sick, end of the debate” we could read on the networks. After the reprimands, some Internet users said they were deleting their comment, claiming to ignore the illness from which the singer suffers.

As for Hélène Segara, she was quick to react to comments concerning her. Via her Instagram account, she expressed her disappointment, but not her surprise. ” Obviously. And as I expected, the comments about me on social media are gratuitous and mean. It’s true, a year of heavy treatments have changed me and given me a lot of complexes. I can’t do anything about it, alas, except to fight to keep smiling. » Grateful to those who stood up for her, the singer concluded her post with thanks: “Thank you to those who know and who come to defend me. »

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