“I am more and more in love with her”: Slimane in love, his unexpected revelations about the love of his life

In January 2022, very good news was revealed for Slimane fans. The French singer, who has only been shining in recent months. If he put a break in his musical career, it’s because the man had a good reason. Esméralda, her first child, now occupies all of her time. To a point where he only sees her. In addition, the interpreter of “The recipe” confided in his love for his daughter during an interview. Moving words and filled with sweets that did not fail to move Internet users. We give you more details in the lines below!

Slimane: a fulfilled man!

It is certainly the best adjective that could describe Slimane’s situation. Not only is the man a successful singer. But he is also the proud father of an adorable little girl.

He also named it “Esméralda”. A unique, original first name that reflects the beauty of a fresh summer flower! Indeed, the singer spoke about it recently in his interview with “50 minutes Inside”.

An interview during which Slimane discussed many topics. Including the fact of being a dad. For the man, fatherhood introduced him to many good things.

Specifically, the ones he’s always been looking for! The arrival of Esmeralda in his life has been a real blessing. At a time when we will go to say that the star is currently swimming in happiness!

” I’m in love with her “

For Slimane, becoming a dad is everything he had wished for so dearly ! And now that he now bears this title, he can only be proud of it. The man also confessed that he had too much love in him.

Loves that were just waiting to be shared! And now that he has Esmeralda in his life, we can say that it could finally come out for good reasons. Is being a dad really that great? In any case, this is obviously the case for the former participant of The Voice.

The love that Slimane has for his daughter is of an incomparable quantity ! “I’m more and more in love with her,” he said. And besides, this affection continues to grow in him.

To a point where it is Esmeralda who constantly occupies his thoughts! “Every time I change a diaper, every time I give a bottle, every time she looks at me…”!

Slimane: becoming a father was his vocation!

The love that Slimane has for his daughter is so powerful that it scares him at some point! “It’s only growing, it’s very scary by the way,” he added! Even his father begins to worry about him. Still, it turns out the man handles it well his new role !

And in a way, this is due to his parents. “I know the nights, I know the bottles, I know the worry, I know the love…”, he confided! Revelations that have touched more than one. We must believe that his consideration for his parents has hardly changed! “I have even more love and respect for them. »

Recently, Slimane gave an interview to RTL. And once again, he did not miss the opportunity to discuss his new status.

For him, becoming a dad was undoubtedly obvious. Besides, the man did not see his life and his future differently! “Now that I am, I don’t even remember how I was before,” he concluded!

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