Le meneur star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Stephen Curry, vient de franchir une première étape dans sa course contre la montre avant les playoffs

In the middle of a storm, the sensational announcement of Steph Curry on his future!

Golden State finds itself in turmoil, because of the Draymond Green case which claims more money than it should get. What about the other stars of the poster? Stephen Curry has in any case released a clear and clear exit on his prospects for the years to come.

Just weeks after lifting the NBA title, the Warriors find themselves in a very troubling situation. It was expected that some members of the poster would have to leave for salary reasons, in particular Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins, but now there are fears of an implosion of the group after Draymond Green has requested a new contract max. The leaders do not seem inclined to give it to him, fearing that it will blow their financial ceiling.

Now, some fear that if the interior ends up leaving San Francisco, others could follow its lead like e.g. Stephen Curry and Clay Thompson. The second has not yet spoken on the subject, but with regard to Baby Face, the debate has already ended. Passing through the last game of the Oakland Athletics in baseball, the double MVP has indeed released a sensational statement about his future. It’s simple, he has absolutely no intention of leaving his family:

Steph Curry wants to end his career at the Warriors

I just finished my 13th year. To be able to say that I have played for only one team for my entire career, I can also say how special this place is. Honestly, I never want to leave again. I want this to be my one and only home. Even thinking about what will happen when basketball is over, we will always have roots here, we will always be present here, and we will always feel at home.

At the same time, it’s hard not to understand the Chef’s reasoning. The Dubs are the ones who made the choice to select him in the draft in 2009, while other leaders had been taken before him (Johnny Flynn, Ricky Rubio…). Then, the leaders persisted in trusting him, despite the first seasons marked by multiple ankle injuries, in particular. A paying choice when we look back today, since we are talking about the best player in the history of the Bay franchise.

A priori, the GM Bob Myers and the owner Joe Lacob will therefore not have to worry about him, when his contract comes to an end. That being said, the number 30 is not going to leave them alone, thus being ready to let go a big push when it comes to Green. He is committed to the hard core in place in the locker room and wants to end his career with his Big Three teammates by his side. It remains to be seen whether this can be done financially…

Stephen Curry makes it clear, he has every intention of spending his entire career with the Warriors. Fans will surely appreciate the declaration of love, especially after hearing all those disturbing rumors about Draymond Green.

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