En plein essai dans un autre sport, Steph Curry se ridiculise méchamment !

In the middle of a trial in another sport, Steph Curry is wickedly ridiculed!

Steph Curry is the best shooter in NBA history, with 4 titles to his credit now with the Warriors. An exceptional player in basketball, but not necessarily in other sports. This Wednesday, he had the opportunity to test his baseball skills, and let’s say it’s best for him to stay in his favorite sport.

Still exceptional with the Warriors this season, Stephen Curry won everything with his team: the title, the MVP of the finals, as well as the MVP of the All-Star Game. A very good year for the leader, who intends to do it again in a few months, always with the same objective. In the meantime, the Chef is busy as best he can between golf, but also baseball. This Wednesday, he was on the field of the Athletics, based in Oakland, to launch the first pitch alongside his wife, Ayesha.

Huge miss for Steph Curry in baseball!

If Ayesha is doing well enough despite a great lack of strength, it is another thing for Curry, who is far too left. Clearly, a failure for the Chef, who suffered some mockery from Internet users.

This is why LeBron James is the greatest of all time 😭

Small bonus for the Chef? A passage to bat, where he defends himself rather well with his famous “swings”. However, fortunately he chose basketball when he was younger:

Steph Curry won’t make a career out of baseball, that’s for sure. The player did not make a big impression with his pitch, which did not make Internet users dream. We can’t wait for a return to the courts in a few weeks, especially since he will once again be aiming for the title with his team.

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