Iris Mittenaere

Iris Mittenaere in a bikini: the former Miss reveals her dream body and is unanimous!

The former Miss France is already enjoying her vacation on theGreek island of Ios. The opportunity for her to reveal her prettiest summer looks. The most recent, where we find her in a small minimalist swimsuit, lying on the rocks. Iris Mittenaere is therefore already dreaming of her 3 million followers on Instagram to follow her everyday adventures.

The influencer in Greece this summer

The summer season seems to be Iris Mittenaere’s favorite season. And Greece its little corner of paradise. The only one that gives her the opportunity to indulge her two main passions: food and fashion! Iris Mittenaere then published a series of vacation photos showing her devouring all the culinary specialties of the island of Ios (gyros, grilled fish, ice cream, loukoumades, etc.) in top-of-the-line outfits. fashion trends for this summer 2022. So here is the young woman showing herself this morning to her followers in a black minimalist two-piece swimsuit.

Elected “Lifestyle Influencer of the Year” by Forbes magazine, Iris Mittenaere has enjoyed phenomenal success. Indeed, since her coronation in 2016, the former Miss France seems to be fully involved in the influencer job. Thanks to this decision, she makes her many followers dream. And to do this, the brands know that they can now trust the power of seduction of the former Miss France and Miss Universe! Since 2019, its collaboration with Morgan as part of a collection as trendy as it is feminine, went completely out of stock in just a few weeks. What constituted a new success this summer with a “cut-out” dress which aroused a real enthusiasm among its followers. And this, from the moment they saw Iris Mittenaere wearing it.

Iris Mittenaere ravishing in a black swimsuit

Six years after her coronation, Iris Mittenaere with perfect curves has become a fashion icon. An influencer who arouses the curiosity of her 3 million followers… These followers observe with a magnifying glass the slightest of her appearances, more or less undressed, and this, all over the world. And for a few months, between his various escapades, we can therefore say that Iris Mittenaere has particularly spoiled them.

Thus, at the end of April, we see him having fun at the Coachella festival. She appeared in low-rise jeans and a cropped top. And this, before discovering her in May like a mermaid on the beach of Saint-Barthélemy, breathtakingly beautiful in a swimsuit whose neckline is as surprising as it is original. In June, she delighted her fans in Monaco by participating in the Formula 1 Grand Prix parade in a yellow dress with a very pronounced neckline!

This Wednesday, July 27, she languishes on an idyllic beach in Greece in a very trendy swimsuit. And this time, no question of extravagance. She therefore does not wear an inverted swimsuit, nor a swimsuit with open laces… Clearly, nothing too explicitly hot. It’s with a simple black jersey, without any sort of finish, that she strikes a pose. Indeed, wet hair and the body offered to the sun, Iris Mittenaere publishes a lovely photo. The reaction of his fans? ” Splendid “. That is what is said!

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