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ITC summaries in advance until Friday August 19, 2022

“Here it all begins” Summaries and spoilers in advance ITC until Friday August 19, 2022 included – It’s Tuesday, and it’s time for fans of Ici Tout Commence to take note of the official short summaries for the next three weeks as they are communicated to us each week by the channel and the production. *


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“Here it all begins” Summaries and Spoilers from Monday August 15 to 19, 2022

Monday August 15 2022, episode 465: It is with a half-hearted victory that the championship ends. A car takes someone away from the Institute…while another brings Teyssier back, ready to fight.

Tuesday August 16, 2022, episode 466: About to make a revelation, Louis is interrupted by an unexpected gift. Back at the Institute, Enzo is under the spotlight. For his part, Tony is the center of attention.

Wednesday August 17, 2022, episode 467: Revelations at the Teyssiers, the tension rises. Consumed by doubt, Jasmine takes risks. At the Coffee Shop, Laetitia learns surprising news.

Thursday August 18 2022, episode 468: As the engagement draws near, nothing goes between Louis and Charlène. Ego crisis in the kitchen, Enzo puts on a show. Despite himself, Axel rekindles old tensions.

Friday August 19, 2022, episode 469 : Devastated, Louis does the unthinkable. In the kitchen, Enzo is forced to keep his feet on the ground. Between Jasmine and Axel, the boat pitches.


Here It All Begins Recaps and Previous Spoilers

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