NBA Klay Thompson en feu dans le Game 5

Klay Thompson in a relationship with the girlfriend of an ex-Laker?!

A great seducer, even if he is rather discreet, Klay Thompson has already had some of the most beautiful women in the world on his arm. Obviously, the sniper struck again this summer, since he was seen with… the ex-girlfriend of a former Lakers player.

An atypical character if ever there was one, Klay Thompson is appreciated by almost all of his counterparts for his “chill” side. Not really the style to take the lead, the back of the Warriors likes to have fun in life. And if nothing and no one will dethrone his dog Rocco in his heart, it is clear that Killa Klay has been chaining female conquests for several years now!

Klay Thompson fooling around with a former Laker’s ex-girlfriend?

After his romance with Laura Harrier, the multiple champion had been seen in the company of several women in recent months.

But this time, it was with a sadly known influencer in NBA circles that he was spotted according to the SideAction site:

Klay Thompson was spotted dropping off Kristen Evangeline at the Los Angeles airport.

If nothing is public or confirmed at this stage, the specialists in this kind of gossip seem rather sure of their shot. It is in any case to be hoped, if this couple is very real, that Thompson treats Kristen Evangeline perfectly well, who needs it badly. A few months ago, she had indeed been brutally and cowardly beaten by Darius Morrisformer Lakers and recently passed through Gravelines.

The terrible photos published by the young woman, as well as her story, had deeply shocked the web, and led to the arrest of Morris.

In any case, and while waiting for a possible photo alongside Klay Thompson, here is the one that the shooter dropped off at LAX a few days ago:

With or without Klay Thompson, Kristen Evangeline deserves all the happiness in the world, and that’s obviously what we wish her. It remains to be seen whether this embryonic relationship will be formalized in the days or weeks that follow!

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