Laurent Kérusoré (Plus belle la vie) knocks out the management of France Télévisions

Laurent Kérusoré (Plus belle la vie) knocks out the management of France Télévisions

Laurent Kerusore. Abaca.

The actor, interpreter of Thomas Marci in the soap opera of France 3, said all the evil that he thought of the methods of the leaders of the audiovisual group.

Mid February, Le Figaro revealed the cessation of More beautiful life . Quickly, several actors stepped up. “It breaks my heart. More beautiful life represents seven years of my life”lamented Sara Mortensen who played Coralie Blin, a mathematics teacher, from 2012 to 2019. At the end of March, Sophie de La Rochefoucauld took advantage of a meeting of Jean-Luc Mélenchon organized in Marseille to speak. “France Télévisions is preparing to put an end to this emblematic program of public service. This series, with its thousands of episodes, brings life to hundreds of intermittent workers, permanent workers, actors and technicians. Stopping the series would put more than 600 direct jobs on the floor. It would be catastrophic!”said the actress who joined the cast of the series in 2009 in the role of Caroline Évenot, the mother of Barbara (Léa François).

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But it was only on May 5 that France Télévisions informed the teams of the soap opera and formalized the information invoking the evolution of “Viewer Expectations” and of “program consumption”. More beautiful life will therefore lower its curtain on November 18.

Questioned by our colleagues fromParis here, Laurent Kérusoré did not mince his words. The interpreter of Thomas Marci since the beginnings of the soap opera believes that this one “had become the antidepressant of the French“. “There is something very social about More beautiful life. To withdraw a program which helps people, it is lousy on behalf of a chain of the public service. We have often been ahead on many social issues and its evolution. We are very proud of it”said the actor before attacking the management of France Télévisions.

“I really would not like to be in the place of the leaders of France Télévisions”

Laurent Kerusore

“I thought that the public service was proud to have us… A priori not, because it seems that we are too popular and that Mrs. Ernotte wants to do culture… Apparently, popular culture does not interest her! Ms Ernotte [présidente du groupe, NDR] didn’t even come to tell us the bad news, not even a letter. She sent one of her right arms [Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, NDR]. We were fired by an enarque who, in two years, will work in a bank or at Orange. Fired by an enarque, I don’t understand…”

However, Laurent Kérusoré assured that “all the actors and technicians are in a positive spirit, without any hatred”. And to conclude: “But I really wouldn’t like to be in the place of the leaders of France Télévisions”.

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