L'agent de Jordan parle de Durant

Michael Jordan’s agent gives his cash opinion on the KD situation!

Will leave, won’t leave? Kevin Durant has been stirring up rumors since his transfer request, an Eastern franchise being in particular in the running to bring him in. The former agent of Michael Jordan, however, gave his opinion on the subject: the team in question will not go so far as to bleed for him.

The Heat and Suns were first mentioned, then the Warriors as credible trade candidates for Kevin Durant, the winger wishing to leave the Nets as soon as possible. The first two franchises are now out of the race, while the Californians should soon be too because they have to manage their finances. It is therefore the Celtics who seem to have their hands on the case now, having made a first offer in the direction of the Blacks and Whites.

Except that Brooklyn immediately rejected it, counterattacking with an absolutely huge package request towards Bean Town. Will GM Brad Stevens eventually give in to get the double champion? Some doubt it, starting with David Falk. We are not talking about anyone, since the person concerned was the agent of a certain Michael Jordan. Passing on the radio SiriusXMhe spoke frankly about the case:

David Falk: ‘Boston won’t do this for Durant’

I think there are very few players in the league who cannot be traded. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was traded and Patrick Ewing was traded, so trades are part of the business. Sometimes they are the unfortunate part of the business. Jaylen Brown is a talented young player, but Kevin Durant is Kevin Durant. I think people will do special things to acquire a player of this caliber.

What I don’t think the Celtics will do is destroy the team and the chemistry they have in order to make a trade. Today, in the age of social media, everything people think is going to happen is made public. It’s unfortunate because it creates a lot of damage internally and externally, but that’s the nature of the world we live in today.

When you think about it, the argument holds. Remember that the C’s were able to climb to the Finals without counting the Slim Reaper in their ranks, proof that their workforce was not only well assembled, but also that the collective was working in harmony and at full speed. However, we will have to bleed to bring KD and that could have a serious impact on the agreement between the players on the floors. So be careful to make the right choice, even if the prospect is attractive.

David Falk makes it clear, Boston shouldn’t gut its roster to get Kevin Durant, even if that’s the Nets’ price. Under these conditions, it is difficult to see the 2014 MVP playing in Massachusetts next year.

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