Nabilla: Nightmarish experience with her two children, "I was too ashamed"

Nabilla: Nightmarish experience with her two children, “I was too ashamed”

Nabilla’s life was once again turned upside down on June 5th. Two and a half years after the birth of her son Milann, the 30-year-old superstar welcomed a second baby boy that day, whom she named Leyann with her husband Thomas Vergara. It was in Paris that her delivery took place and where she had time to recover quietly. Nabilla, however, was quick to return to work and left for the filming of his new show after only a few weeks.

But Wednesday, July 27, it was finally time for the little family to find your cozy nest in Dubai. A first trip for four that didn’t go like clockwork at all. “6 hours of flight (delay plus change), 15 suitcases, two babies, 10 bottles, 6 nappies… We will soon arrive at our destination. S.O.S.“, quipped Nabilla in story Instagram on a photo of her feeding Leyann, not far from Milann installed in her stroller. (See our slideshow).

A little later, she had much less desire to laugh. “Never again will I take normal plane flights, I was crazy. I had to take a commercial flight because I had 15 suitcases, I had no choice and all my suitcases were 32 kilos, I forgot this rule. You can have as many suitcases as you want but they must not exceed 32 kilos each. One was 36, the other 40, the other 38… they all exceeded!“, she lamented on Snapchat, at the end of the line. In an emergency, Nabilla and Thomas were then forced to reorganize all their suitcases and even to buy a new one at the airport. “We almost missed the plane!“, she confided.

I didn’t measure up at all

To make matters worse, the already slim mother encountered a problem when going through the controls and, once on the plane, she realized that she did not have all the adequate equipment to do the her baby’s bottle. “In short, I struggled too much“, she summarized, specifying that Leyann made her live an ordeal during the flight: “I got judged on the plane, Leyann was just screaming, I was too ashamed, I became the person people hate on the plane… I take back everything I said about people who had babies crying, I should never have puffed, I was punished.”

Faced with so manyadventures“, Nabilla admitted that she was “not ready” to travel with two young children. “I used to be with Milann but there with two children… and still I had help, huh. But it’s a real delirium. I think I didn’t measure up at all, we did our best with Thomas but it shows that we just had a new baby and that we don’t yet have the bearings, the reflexes of two. We’ll have to practice!“, she announced.

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