"Refuge films", "it's too much every year"... Summer TV reruns divide our internet users

“Refuge films”, “it’s too much every year”… Summer TV reruns divide our internet users

A real torture for some, a panacea for others. As every year when the Tour de France and the major sports competitions land on TV, the channels switch to “summer mode”. Although some new programs continue to entertain the public, others have already been broadcast one, two, three, ten (twenty?) times before.

If you tune in to TF1 in the afternoons, you can therefore find a whole bunch of old episodes of Josephine Guardian Angel. On the M6 ​​side, it’s the saga of Constable which returns every Friday. In a call for evidence, 20 minutes asked its readers if they were in a general state of fed up with all these reruns, or if certain films and series had become guilty pleasures.

Gabin, Bourvil, Delon and Belmondo on all screens

Obviously, M6 hit the bullseye with the films of Louis de Funès, whose name comes up very regularly among the films that our readership loves to see again. The Seventh Company is also a hit in the hearts of the French, the proof by the figures: 4.4 million faithful watched the trilogy last July on TF1. “My dad and I never miss a broadcast. We laugh about it in advance in the evening on the phone and we do a debrief the next day. We may have seen it a million times, we never get tired of it, ”says Hélène.

For his part, Wilfried also “never resists” the Bidasses or at the Seventh Company. “These are refuge films,” he sums up. Gabin, Bourvil, Delon, Belmondo, so many icons whose feature films “that can be passed on from generation to generation” according to Alexandre, do not age. Jean-Marie, meanwhile, believes that the reruns “do good by their simplicity and the laughter triggered by cult lines”.

Other Internet users deplore the intrigues of current programs and therefore prefer to take a leap into the past. “I have more pleasure in front of certain reruns, good films which make me laugh even if I know them by heart, rather than in front of all these police series which only talk about killings and which always have the same scenario”, Judge Bernadette .

Summer, synonymous with “bland TV”

Since it takes a lot to make a post, other readers seem to be tearing their hair out every time they see a replay popping up on their TV show. “It’s too much every year, breathes Michèle. Everyone does not go on vacation, it is to forget the disabled and elderly people who only see series on a loop”. For Martine, “July and August are synonymous with bland TV. Why not let us savor good recent films? she asks herself.

The gendarme, The Seventh Company, Visitors… “We know these films so well that we will be able to play them ourselves,” says Frédérique. Many are those who then evoke streaming platforms to relax with an ice cream in their hand on the sofa, like Denise: “Louis de Funès, it’s seen and reviewed… Long live Netflix”, reports-t- she.

Our intellectual honesty obliges us to write that the word “fed up” was cited in a large majority of messages. But since it’s summer, some of our Internet users prefer to read a good book outside or enjoy a drink on the terrace. Josette has already prepared her plaid and her hot chocolate for this winter: “Don’t forget to give us Sisi for Christmas ! »

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