Stromae and Camila Cabello in reality TV candidate mode

Stromae and Camila Cabello in reality TV candidate mode

MUSIC – This is an unreleased version of his song “Mon Amour”, present on his latest album “Multitude”, which Stromae unveiled this Wednesday, July 27 in a colorful clip, to see above. We discover the Belgian singer as a candidate for a fake reality TV show, with excerpts played by extras using the visual codes, games and attitudes that will make everyone think of the “Angels of reality TV” or other “Marseillais ”.

Among the actors, we find a guest who is not the least: Camila Cabello, singer and superstar in the United States, Cuba (her country of origin) and Mexico, who took off in her solo career in the middle of the 2010s after leaving the group Fifth Harmony (formed during the American show X Factor).

Camila Cabello is also there to sing an unreleased verse on the Stromae track. She had indicated the day before, in an Instagram video where she is wearing a beret, that she had “always been a fan” and had “always wanted” to do a duet with him. “We met at the Met Gala and I texted him to say it was my favorite track from his new album, then we went to the studio and I wrote a little verse. (…) I speak a little French thanks to Duolingo, and I wanted to sing in French, and that’s what I was able to do”, she says – even if the words in French come down to “My love” and “Goodbye” in its verse, which remains sung in English.

In an interview broadcast by Stromae’s Youtubde channel before the clip was posted, spotted by the Charts In France site, the Belgian singer said he was “totally happy” to see how Camila Cabello “totally understood the vibe , the groove, the rumba, the melodies” of the track “Mon Amour”.

This release is also accompanied by an announcement that establishes the international ambitions of the singer: it is now the American company Warner Chappell Music which will represent, outside of Belgium, all of Stromae’s albums, in order to give a better international visibility for the artist. According to Agence France-Presse, Warner Chappell Music will have the mission of generating samples, collaborations and transmitting to Mosaert (the independent label founded by Stromae) proposals for synchronization (film, pubs, etc.).

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