Les Brooklyn Nets, représentés ici par Kevin Durant et Kyrie Irving, et les Los Angeles Lakers, symbolisés par Anthony Davis, LeBron James et Anthony Davis, pourraient s'entendre autour d'un blockbuster trade tonitruant impliquant 6 joueurs

The astronomical 6-man trade that would send Kyrie and Durant to the Lakers

NBA (DR) / Los Angeles Lakers (DR)

Looking for the winning formula to bounce back from their failed last season, the Lakers would like to sign Kyrie Irving this summer. A journalist, however, imagined an even bigger blow, which would see them not only recovering Uncle Drew, but also… Kevin Durant!

Even if it means nurturing the same ambitions, why not help each other to achieve them. Lakers and Nets could thus collaborate during the summer, and exchange players whose situation proves to be untenable in their team. The most plausible track concerns in particular Kyrie Irving and Russell Westbrook, which have been the subject of negotiations between the two camps for several weeks. The deal in question could, however, turn out to be even more important.

The crazy track imagined to bring together Kyrie, KD and LeBron

While Kevin Durant is also looking for a change of scenery, the Angelinos could aim for the moon, and seek to bring him back in Kyrie’s suitcases. A crazy idea already defended a few days ago by Gilbert Arenas, and on which decided to bounce Ricky O’Donnell. For SB Nationthe latter thus shared a potential 6-player trade between Brooklyn and LA, which would allow Purple & Gold to win the two opposing stars!

Thanks to this exchange, the Angelinos would therefore get their hands on Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durantwhile parting ways with Russell Westbrook, Anthony Davis, Talen Horton-Tucker and Austin Reaves. Not to mention the presence of two future 1st round picks and swap picks in their package. A rather mind-blowing deal at first sight, which the American journalist tried to lend credibility with the following speech:

All the buzz between the Nets and the Lakers so far has centered around Kyrie Irving, who could land if Durant looks elsewhere. Here’s my question: why wouldn’t the Lakers offer Anthony Davis in exchange for Durant? The Lakers don’t have enough draft picks in their possession for the two Brooklyn superstars, but the Nets could woo them if Davis is put on the table.

The imagination of O’Donnell must be welcomed, but the fruit of the latter unfortunately seems very utopian for the Lakers. Indeed, the offer he imagines them making would probably not have the slightest chance of being accepted by Brooklyn. The Nets’ big demands to sell KD seem well beyond their reach, which therefore makes this transfer highly unlikely. Rob Pelinka can still dream of it!

Already unable to attract the only Kyrie Irving in their nets, the Lakers will find it even more difficult to do a double blow by also recruiting Kevin Durant. LeBron James is therefore not likely to form a Big Three with the two Nets stars anytime soon!

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