Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James et Russell Westbrook, flattées par le discours d'une des recrues de la franchise

“The Lakers can win the title, on this condition”

It’s hard to see the Lakers becoming champions in 2022-23, after such an awful campaign. However, some observers continue to believe it is possible, like Mark Jackson. The ex-Warriors coach says it all depends on one particular factor.

Right now, few believe the Lakers will fight for the title starting in the fall. It must be said that 2021-22 was a complete failure (33-49, 11th in the West and no playoffs), and the roster has not changed much in its core since the start of the offseason. The reasons for trusting them are therefore quite slim, although one should never underestimate a squad led by LeBron Jamesnotably.

However, despite all the doubts that surround Californians, some informed observers believe that they can still remain confident in their abilities. Former tactician at Golden State, Mark Jackson, for example, remains convinced that Los Angeles can finish champion next June. On the other hand, you will have to fulfill a few conditions for this, such as mobilizing in defense and above all, staying on two legs as much as possible:

Health, factor X of the Lakers in 2022-23

In good health, I think they can win a title. If they are in good health and they fight in defense, night after night, it is still possible. They shouldn’t think they’ll just have to play and because they have three future Hall of Famers on their team, they can beat everyone and win the title. That’s not how it happens.

They need to pick up the good habits they didn’t have last year and get back to defense and then stay healthy. They need to stay healthy, and once they do, they’ll have a chance against anyone.

Say like that, it seems very easy but the former Knicks point guard knows it very well: injuries can change everything in a season. All the more so for the Purples and Golds, which have not been spared for two years.

Thus, Anthony Davis has not exceeded the 45-game mark since 2020, while LeBron shows signs of physical fatigue and begins to accumulate glitches. If this phenomenon repeats itself from the fall, then LA will have no chance of going all the way. The medical staff will therefore have their work cut out for them, in order to keep everyone in good health. Washing off the affront of 2021-22 will largely pass through a constant presence of the full workforce.

According to Mark Jackson, the physical form of the Lakers will certainly dictate their results next season. Not a big surprise, but it is certain that we will have to monitor the slightest sore very closely, especially with the superstars.

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