La promesse de LeBron James après l'énième débâcle des Lakers !

The Lakers sign a new player, the fans delighted!

Like multiple teams before September, the Lakers continue to hand out invites to training camp. Another player has just been signed this Wednesday, enough to delight the supporters, who have been waiting for this for a few weeks. We are talking here about an interior that made a very good impression in the Summer League.

The season hasn’t started yet for the Lakers, but the franchise is already gearing up for training camp, which will take place towards the end of September. The best way to train players, but above all to prepare for the start of the regular season. The Angelinos, like all other franchises, will also take the opportunity to test a few people, just to keep them in the future, or not.

It’s still moving at the Angelinos!

A few days ago, the Pourpre et Or signed two players in view of the camp. We are talking here about a precarious contract, not guaranteed, and which can therefore be canceled very quickly if the player does not convince. On the other hand, and if the performances are satisfactory, the front office will not hesitate to make an effort to keep the person, even if the places are few. The latest to get this opportunity? Jay Huff.

Official: The Lakers have signed Jay Huff to an exhibit-10 contract.

Huff has played with the Lakers before, but Frank Vogel has always refused to give him a chance. An anomaly for the fans, since the interior showed great things on the floor, especially during the recent Summer League. Some are therefore delighted:

well deserved my man

And if we make him play this season

Very good in the Summer League, Jay Huff naturally got his chance with the Lakers for training camp. He could even invite himself into the final roster, at least if his performances are satisfactory. The supporters are in any case very confident for the future.

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