"We were fired by an enarque": Laurent Kérusoré ("More beautiful life") curries the right arm of Delphine Ernotte

“We were fired by an enarque”: Laurent Kérusoré (“More beautiful life”) curries the right arm of Delphine Ernotte

He still hasn’t digested the news. On May 5, in a press release, France Télévisions formalized the shutdown of “Plus belle la vie” on France 3, scheduled for November, after 18 years of good and loyal service on the regional channel. The announcement had been made on the spot, in the Belle de Mai studios in Marseille, a few moments earlier, by Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, the director of antennas and public service programs, who faced the team of the daily soap opera gathered on the emblematic and fictitious Place du Mistral.

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“It’s pathetic from a public service channel”

Two months later, Laurent Kérusoré, who has played the role of Thomas Marci since 2005, has bitter memories of this solemn moment. In an interview granted this Wednesday to “Ici Paris”, he says: “The series had become the antidepressant of the French. There is something very social in ‘Plus belle la vie’. Removing a program that helps people is pathetic from a public service channel“.

The actor then criticizes the method used by France Télévisions to formalize the end of the daily soap opera. “It happened in the worst wayhe believes. Nobody suspected anything, really. We learned it at the same time as the viewers“.

Laurent Kérusoré then becomes more precise in the choice of his targets, mentioning the president of France Télévisions as well as his right arm Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez: “I thought that the public service was proud to have us… A priori not, because it seems that we are too popular and that Mrs. Ernotte wants to do culture… Apparently, popular culture does not interest her! Madame Ernotte didn’t even come to tell us the bad news, not even a letter. She sent one of her right arms“. And the interpreter of Thomas Marci to carry the thrust: “We were fired by an enarque who, in two years, will work in a bank or at Orange. Fired by an enarque, I don’t understand…“.

The actor nevertheless assures in the process that “all the actors and technicians are in a positive spirit, without any hatred“.”But I really wouldn’t like to be in the place of the leaders of France Télévisions“, concludes Laurent Kérusoré.

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