La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook, a dû affronter une question piège sur LeBron James et Anthony Davis

“Why you and not LeBron or AD? Russell Westbrook’s viral reaction

Always entangled in a strange situation at the Lakers, Russell Westbrook tries to keep a low profile on the media level. Caught by a paparazzi, the star leader received an ultra-trap question about LeBron James and Anthony Davis, which he perfectly knew how to face!

Among the superstars possibly leaving this summer in the NBA, his case does indeed appear to be the most difficult to read and anticipate. After a delicate first season with the Lakers, Russell Westbrook logically will not be kept at all costs by its leaders. However, the latter are having a hard time finding a way out for him, and may well find themselves forced to include him in their plan for next year.

Not sure that this scenario is more suitable for Brodie, who is not likely to soon forget the relentlessness he has suffered in recent months from certain Angelino fans. For their part, LeBron James and Anthony Davis always seem ready to evolve alongside him, and have taken a step in this direction recently. Their star teammate therefore had no interest in betraying them following the trap set by a journalist.

Launched on LeBron and AD, Westbrook turns a deaf ear

If he prefers to play the discretion card in this perilous context for him, Westbrook does not forbid himself a few outings with his friends either. He was thus unearthed by a reporter from Star Influx at the exit of a Los Angeles establishment, and logically had to face the questions of the latter. Too clever to fall into the trap, and deliver a statement that could have cost him dearly, Russ nevertheless chose not to deliver a single word to him!

What’s up, Russell? How is it going ? Hey, every day they send you to a different team, man. Aren’t you tired of this? Me, it tires me, Russell. Not you ? Why not LeBron? Why not Anthony Davis? But if you stay, you’ll win your ring, Russell. I’m sure.

Nice try, but from the height of 33 years and 14 seasons in the league, the 2017 MVP proved to be smarter than his interlocutor.

Indeed, the many rumors of which he is the subject must obviously wear him down morally. Acknowledging it publicly, however, would have earned him criticism from detractors who believe that it is part of the job. Likewise, blaming LeBron James Where Anthony Davis would certainly have isolated him even more in the Purple & Gold locker room. To snub all these subjects was therefore the best possible reaction!

Too cunning in the face of the media, Russell Westbrook intelligently preferred to ignore a journalist who only expected an incendiary response from him on LeBron James or Anthony Davis. Times may be tough, but the Brodie keeps his foresight!

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