WTF of the day: an Elizabeth II guard yells at a tourist in London

WTF of the day: an Elizabeth II guard yells at a tourist in London

Usually silent, one of the Queen’s royal guards in London literally yelled at a tourist who dared to touch the reins of her horse.

This is a video that has been buzzing lately. Shared on TikTok by the son-in-law of the person who is being scolded loudly, a guard of Elizabeth II on horseback can be seen very loudly reprimanding a tourist who had the audacity to touch her horse and her reins.

“Tget away from the royal guard! »

In the video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times, the tourist approaches the horse guard to take a photo alongside him, and grabs the reins of the mount to make him pose as well. Gesture which earned him the reprimands of the Royal Horse Guard who yells at him, in English:

Stand clear of the royal guard! Don’t touch the reins!

Yes, it is startling. Although being yelled at must not have been the most pleasant moment of her trip, the video of this tourist reminds us that it is, as stipulated on all the billboards alongside the guards, forbidden to the public to touch mounts, and to feed them.

The guards, characters we are used to seeing silent in all circumstances, are there to protect the Queen, and touching the reindeer or the horses can be seen as an attempt to obstruct their duty. They’re not an attraction, they’re soldiers, and they’re just doing their job.

Well, obviously, the latter may need a vacation. Remember that under these beautiful hats, there are also human beings, who can be frankly fed up with having to deal with thousands of tourists a day… Tourists who often try to win over those who are hired for one thing: to serve and protect the queen (while closing their mouths).

Come on, a round of chamomile for everyone!

Photo credit image of one: PeskyMonkey

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