Drew Brees: “I could play American football again”

Drew Brees: “I could play American football again”

Drew Brees and NBC Sports, it’s over. According to the New York Post, the former Saints quarterback will quit TV shows after just one season.

Apparently, Brees wanted to commentate matches rather than be in the studio, but the channel didn’t have many matches to offer him.

NBC has not yet formalized the information reported by the Post. So Brees made a point of responding directly on Twitter. With a rather surprising downside: a return to the field would remain an option.

“Despite media speculation about my future for the fall, I am undecided at this time. I could work for NBC, I could play football again, I could focus on business and good works, I could train for the pickleball championship, the senior golf championship, coach my kids or whatever I just quoted. I’ll keep you up-to-date. »

Now 43, Brees has just spent a year away from the pitch. Would the Saints welcome him instead of Jameis Winston? Would Brees’ arm, which had retired a season before him, come out of retirement as well?

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