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500,000 likes: the viral photo of Klay Thompson on vacation!

Back from hell after nearly 3 white seasons, Klay Thompson has returned to the heights with his Warriors to win a 4th NBA champion ring. What push the sniper to sign a big flex during his. holidays, in an already viral post on social networks!

A few years ago, Klay Thompson did not know if he would ever play again in the NBA. Through hard work and despite various obstacles, the Splash Bro finally managed to come back alongside Steph Curry on the Warriors back line. Better, in just a few months, he went to lift a new Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of a successful playoff campaign, both personally and collectively.

Of course, at over 33 and following so many physical glitches, Klay will never regain his former level. However, it remains a very solid 3-and-D, in a perfectly oiled system, which serves it perfectly. And from the top of his 19 points and 4 rebounds, the Chef’s sidekick clearly contributed to the coronation of Steve Kerr and his troops.

Klay Thompson swings a huge flex live from the Bahamas

Duty done, now is the time to rest for the warrior. And no one knows how to enjoy life better than Thompson. A great lover of water and great getaways, the solo sniper flew to the Bahamas. There, he took the time to write “NBA CHAMPS 2022” batting on the beach, before posing for an already cult photo:

Everything is better in the Bahamas 🇧🇸

What more can be said ? If any player in the entire league is capable of relaying this kind of photo, it is Thompson. However, never be mistaken: behind his smile and his good nature, Killa Klay remains a killer, who will want more than anything to earn a 5th NBA championship title next year.

Living his best life is Klay Thompson’s lifelong goal. And obviously, that’s exactly what he’s doing in the Bahamas!

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