Fournier aux Lakers ? Le trade à 6 joueurs qui circule à la télé US !

A major trade between the Lakers and the Knicks? The astonishing rumor!

While the majority of trades have seen the light of day, we are still expecting movement in the weeks to come, with the possible departure of Donovan Mitchell. The Knicks are in on it, while the franchise could negotiate later with the Lakers. This is the crazy rumor put forward by Marc Stein, who evokes a major trade between the two teams.

The summer continues for the Lakers, who are still hoping to find a way out for Russell Westbrook. It’s not won, since negotiations are at a standstill with the Pacers, like the Nets, who prefer to look elsewhere. On the other side, in the East, the Knicks are in a similar situation. The organization tries to find an agreement with the Jazz to attract the services of Donovan Mitchell, but the talks had very bad news.

A former Laker soon to return?

It seems clear that New York wants to recruit Spida in the future, so that the team reaches a milestone. However, Danny Ainge’s asking price remains very high. It would take a direct request from the rear to advance the negotiations, which does not seem to be the case so far. But if this trade is confirmed according to Marc Stein, it will be necessary to look closely at an exchange with the Lakers in stride.

The Knicks will have to clear wages if they recover Donovan Mitchell. They signed Jalen Brunson with over $100 million, they’re going to extend RJ Barrett. We think the franchise will look to fire Julius Randle and his contract. It all leads to the Lakers. The team does not want to fire Russell Westbrook by dropping draft rounds, or recover a poison contract in exchange. But Randle? He is a guy who can interest the Angelinos, they will say to themselves: “can this player interest us in the future? »

I’m not saying it’s going to happen, that Randle will be traded, or that the Lakers are interested. Let it be clear. But it’s something to watch out for.

Except that with 117 million over the next four years, Randle’s contract is not very interesting. To tell the truth, everything will depend on his level, he who comes out of a failed season, like his team. The interior, however, showed great things in 2021, but failed to show consistency. However, this is not the first time that Westbrook has been cited in New York, despite the arrival of Brunson.

Will the Knicks and Lakers negotiate this summer? It’s a soap opera to follow closely, just for Russell Westbrook. The point guard has an outgoing contract, and if New York can slip a Julius Randle into the equation, it’s a good deal for the front office. However, we are still far from the outcome.

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