An NBA Store in Paris in the former Boulinier!

An NBA Store in Paris in the former Boulinier!

Paris Vox – High place of Parisian culture, the Boulinier book store closed its doors in June 2020, while speculation was rife on the future use of the store, we now know that it is the northern basketball league -American who invested the place!

We had left 20 boulevard Saint-Michel under construction since the non-renewal of the lease at Boulinier. High place of Parisian culture since 1938, you could buy and resell books and records at a good price. The closure of this monument of Boulmich’ (affectionate diminutive given by many Parisians to Boulevard Saint-Michel) had created a wave of indignation, especially since it came a few months after the series of confinements which had terribly hurt businesses. local like booksellers. An online guest book had been opened and collected many testimonials, it is still available here.

Since the closing of the store, closed for work, a large fresco created by the duo PichiAvo took place.

This fresco, which paid homage to the arts, to the Latin quarter and to the Helleno-Latin heritage of Paris, was hailed by all. The owner of the place thus gave a facelift to the place while respecting a certain identity. Not for very long… Because we have known for a little over a week which business is replacing the bookseller-record store, it is an “NBA Store“.

The North American basketball league is increasingly gaining a foothold in Europe and settling here after establishing trade in London and Milan. Ironically, the league or the French basketball federation do not have such a business in the heart of the capital. Some will see this as an additional sign of American cultural colonization. The “yankee” league will also be in the spotlight in Paris on January 19 for a match between the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit Pistons. The match will once again be played at the Accor Arena (formerly Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy).

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