La légende NBA Shaquille O'Neal a fait l'objet d'une comparaison géniale de l'humoriste américain Chris Rock en 2003

In 2003, Chris Rock’s viral punchline on Shaquille O’Neal!

League superstar-turned-legend Shaquille O’Neal has even broken the barriers of the league and his sport to become a true rockstar. This was also confirmed when comedian Chris Rock included it in one of his sketches in a brilliant way!

Phenomenon on American prosecutors’ offices even before his draft, he was quick to take on an even more prestigious status thereafter. Character apart in the history of the NBA, Shaquille O’Neal benefited from his XXL performances, but also from his extraordinary size and his crazy charisma to go beyond the borders of basketball. His fame was therefore just as, if not more, impressive twenty years ago.

Chris Rock’s Hilarious Shaquille O’Neal Metaphor

From the beginning of the 2000s, Shaq established himself as a figure in his own right in the United States. His aura allowed him to multiply sponsorship contracts, but also to receive one of the highest salaries in the league. And yet, that didn’t make him “fortunate” for Chris Rock. In one of his shows, the famous comedian indeed had fun with the difference between fortune and wealth… using the case of Diesel:

Chris Rock : There are no wealthy black or brown people in the United States. We got some rich ones, but no fucking wealthy ones. People say, “Uh, what’s the difference? Here is the difference: Shaq is rich; the white man who signs his checks, he is fortunate!

A fine nuance, but to which the comedian dedicated a sketch remembered across the Atlantic.

Thus, according to Chris Rock, O’Neal may have received tens of millions of dollars per season, but his fortune was still much lower than that of Jerry Buss, the owner of the Lakers at the time, and could evaporate in a matter of days because of bad choices. Fortunately for him and his family, the Big Cactus was able to grow his gains very nicely thereafter.

Conversely, other former players who did not know how to manage their money in the best way, Shaq managed to make the right financial investments to maintain his wealth, and even increase it over time. It should also continue to do so in the coming months, with a promising investment directly linked… to his friend Charles Barkley !

Highly paid in the early 2000s, Shaquille O’Neal was not necessarily fortunate in the eyes of Chris Rock. It would now be interesting to know the actor’s point of view on the current financial situation of the legendary pivot!

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