La légende NBA des Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, a livré un conseil d'expert à un gros nom actuel de la ligue concernant l'art du scoring

In great shape, the viral photo of Michael Jordan on vacation!

Two big months before the start of the NBA season, Michael Jordan is still enjoying the summer before getting back to work with the Hornets. He has just been seen partying on European soil, in an outfit and with an accessory that caused a lot of reaction!

Apart from the return of Steve Clifford to the bench, the re-signing of Cody Martin, the escapades of Montrezl Harrell and Miles Bridges, or even the change of number of LaMelo Ball, the summer is proving to be rather calm in Charlotte. The Hornets have indeed been discreet since the start of the offseason, but still have time to animate the market. For now, however, their owner prefers to have fun away from North Carolina.

Cigar in hand, Michael Jordan has fun in Italy

After stopping a few weeks ago on the coast of Croatia — where he didn’t really pay attention to his expenses, Jordan has decided to put his suitcases in Italy in recent days. Of course, his presence on the spot does not go unnoticed, including on social networks. His Airness has just made the buzz there thanks to a photo of him taken in the evening, dressed all in white… and with his traditional cigar!

First observation: MJ remains relatively slender for his 59 years. He seems in fact able to render some services to his franchise if the need arises in the months to come! Kidding aside, the other striking detail in this picture is in his right hand. A great cigar lover, Mike makes sure not to run out even on vacation, and has thus made the manager of a specialized shop happy:

Hi guys ! My name is Luca, and I manage the “Casa Del Habano” in Milan. Today a great man came into my shop and asked me if I had some kinds of cigars he would like to try while he was in Italy. I looked at it more closely, and I understood. My legs are still shaking. I served Michael Jordan today.

Passing through Italy before resuming his duties in the offices of the Hornets, Michael Jordan did not abandon his good habits there. He was therefore able to discover the cigars sold on site, to the delight of local sellers!

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