La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, choquée lors d'un match

In the United States, the photo of a toilet that looks like LeBron James is going viral!

Since the beginning of his NBA career, LeBron James has received a plethora of nicknames, most of the time flattering vis-à-vis his performance on the court. That said, the latest has proven to be much less honorable for the Lakers leader! And the subject “excites” social networks in the United States.

As a high school already, he received a most laudatory and iconic pseudonym through Sports Illustrated, which then made it the “Chosen One”. Twenty years later, LeBron James knew how to honor him perfectly, with a career in the NBA which now allows him to place himself among the best all-time players. All while inheriting other diverse and varied nicknames in the process.

LeBron James badly compared… to a toilet

The King, the Akron Hammer, even the GOAT… LBJ regularly sees its name replaced by laudatory names in the mouths of fans. Nevertheless, his critics also find ways to poke fun at him with murderous nicknames. They therefore found the perfect source of inspiration in a photo showing a toilet… which would look like the Lakers star!

Why is this toilet shaped like LeBron James 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The almost shaved head, the ears, the full beard: the design of this bowl is indeed vaguely reminiscent of the characteristics of LeBron’s face, recognizable among a thousand. This crazy and so special tweet obviously didn’t take long to go around the web, and provoked strong reactions on the social network, with the birth of a new degrading nickname for the quadruple MVP!

Just Akron toilets 💪🏾😤

It’s my hole! It was made for me!

Despite a final season that was still impressive on an individual level, LeBron James continues to be the subject of demeaning metaphors. Accustomed, however, he probably did not expect to be closer to the toilet!

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