L'update très inquiétante pour le trade de Kevin Durant aux Nets !

Kevin Durant ready to do anything to leave? The answer revealed!

Already more than a month since Kevin Durant asked his leaders to let him leave the Nets. Since ? Not much. Brooklyn has discussed with a few stables, but the talks are not very advanced, to the point that a trade may not take place this summer. KD could force the hand of its leaders, but we know a little more about the future attitude of the star.

After just three seasons in the Big Apple, Kevin Durant said stop. The superstar requested his trade on June 30, a request sent directly to his front office, perhaps in the hope of speeding up the process. Yes but now, it is far from being the case on arrival. There are obviously teams interested in recruiting him, but the consideration requested is astronomical, to the point that no one wants to pay this price.

Knowing that no franchise wishes to increase their offer, the series is on stand-by until further notice. We can hope for a few discussions before the resumption of training camp in September, but the situation will not have changed much. Whether you’re with the Celtics, the Heat or elsewhere, the sense of urgency does not exist. In Brooklyn either, since the player still has four years of contract.

Kevin Durant ready to return to the Nets?

In other words, all of this can take a long time. A trade could wait until 2023, which raises some questions about KD’s future. Is he ready to return to the Nets to continue playing? Will the leaders want to put him aside to avoid an injury? This is not an ideal situation, far from it. According to Zach Lowe, in his podcast for ESPN, the Slim Reaper is not one to sit on the sidelines.

According to NBA insiders, Kevin Durant isn’t one to sit around all season after his trade request earlier in the year.

This is speculation, but it is proof that number 7 is not ready to do anything to leave the Big Apple. He could return to Brooklyn in September to prepare for the new season, but still hopes to be traded. What can explain this decision? The love of the game, or maybe his huge salary, which he doesn’t want to lose.

It’s not a question of being ready to sit down. He doesn’t want to turn down $50 million at age 34 just to win his argument.

Kevin Durant should not go to arm wrestling with the Nets, it is at least unlikely. We imagine that the person concerned will not want to miss weeks, even months of competition to leave. A scenario that could work in favor of Brooklyn.

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